Chapter 60. The Meme of God



You’ve heard of the God Meme, what about the Meme of God?  There is a slight difference, if I reverse god and meme I get a reversal of that energy, and that will help break the holy book spell that has so many men’s consciousness in a rigid monotheistic spell.  The word “god” is a meme being used to describe something we don’t fully understand, and memes about god change with time.  As our mind mature we keep coming to new realizations about god, and we keep changing our holy book text about him/her.


‘The God Delusion’ declared by atheist Richard Dawkins implies there is no god, while the Meme of God says we are describing God with memes, but we haven’t got it quite right yet.  We have developed memes about God, a subtle yet important difference.  In a conscious Universe or a simulated one, it is not an exaggeration that god is a program operating in the system.

I am not a believer in the Bible God, but I do believe based on my personal experience, that we are dealing with something real in our consciousness.  My experiential knowledge about God is completely different from what I was taught.  The importance of this essay is to distinguish the two, god is some thing, a part of consciousness that intersects our own.


If we are describing a background consciousness with new memes of God, and that energy is part of ourselves, then that changes everything.  We initially assumed God was separate – an entity outside of ourselves, but that can not be true based on the simple observation that separation of our consciousness from the god part is an illusion.  God is the consciousness and we have consciousness, so the two overlap some how.


What you’ve been taught about God and what God actually is are two different things.  What we are taught about God is the Jewish holy book is an exaggeration for the simple reason the Jew authors are bullshitters.  Check your assumptions about the authorship of the Holy Bible.  Who wrote it, are they trustworthy?  They lie about everything, so to believe them about god is particularly foolish.


The mistake we are making is assuming that what is being claimed and what is are the same, they are not, but there is some overlap.  People who wish to control others have an agenda of power, and those that want power are willing to lie in order to get it.  Part of the lying is to claim grandiose attributes of God that are used as a fear tactic for the submission of your mind under the control of the ruling authority.

What is the primary claim about God?  God is omnipotent, an all-powerful being.  Is that claim true?  If millions of people pray for peace but there is no peace, what does that say about God’s power?  The claim doesn’t match reality, but that claim was made to establish the ruling authority that is all powerful.  The claim about god is to get power, but is not the truth about god.


If God was all powerful and in control as claimed, then why do we experience endless war and chaos?  The theist will try to skirt that issue and say all the chaos on earth is part of God’s plan.  That is nonsense, if everything is unfolding according to God’s will then we wouldn’t have any chaos at all, unless God was a crazy entity that preferred chaos for it’s own purpose.

The actual reality is that governments are acting like an all powerful god – forcing everyone to submit to the ruling authority that is established with the holy book.  God is a meme used to establish the ruling authority.  That doesn’t mean god is not real, it just means that ruthless people will say anything to get power.


So the next logical question is does God have any power at all?   Many people report miracles concerning their lives and attribute such phenomenon to outside source.  So it appears God has some part, but greatly diminished from the claim.  God may have some power to change things, but not the way the book describes.

The memes of God are used to describe aspect of ourselves that we do not fully understand, but unfortunately those same memes are used to control us.  Believers in the book are enlisted from their own need to control others, thus the popularity of the holy Bible is that it enlists individual will for the broader will of the group (or state).  We need to stop using the God meme to control others since doing so violates our divine nature and free will.  We also need to start defining what God actually is, and not blindly accept Jewish definitions of God.



Chapter 61. The Most Deadly Meme of All Time



What do you think is the most deadly meme of all time?  I think it might be ‘God chose me’.  Memes can be deadly, not so much what they mean, but what they imply.  If you’re saved by belief, what does that mean for the person who doesn’t share that belief?  If God chose you and only you then what does that imply about your ego and the religion you are following?  If I am going to heaven for believing a certain meme then you are going to hell for not.  That is a very egotistical viewpoint.  Once the ego gets you to agree to “he chose me” then watch out – all hell is going to break loose as you wax that choseness on others.


Deadly memes can be subtle, in fact I am going to argue the most deadly meme is completely invisible to its’ deadliness.  Like a bowl of sugar cereal, what could be wrong with something that tastes so good?  The most deadly meme in all of human history, outside of the god meme itself, is that god chose some over others, and once a person accepts that they can do untold evil because of the this special status.


Incogman has determine the most monstrous meme in history, are the Jewish Talmudic memes that went with the Diaspora to Eastern Europe:  The deadly ideas of the Torah-Talmud were transposed onto Eastern Europeans in the Khazarian empire and those ideas are causing these fake Jews to return to Palestine and make hell on the Muslims.

The Most Monstrous MEME in All History

The transfer of the Talmudic Meme: This is the course of the belief and control system of the Pharisees, expelled from Jerusalem by the Romans (“the Diaspora”), and later became the religion of the semi-asiatic Khazar kingdom. This satanic meme resulted in the Ashkenazi Jews that now plague the Palestinians and the rest of the world today.


Obviously, the Talmud is a collection of deadly memes.  Transfer of Talmudic concepts to other tribes is very deadly and we see that today as vicious Khazar Jews return to Palestine.  Once infected with I’m god’s chosen person and that’s my land god gave me, we have the nightmare of Israel.  Those memes are obviously deadly.  People infected with religious memes can kill without guilt or compassion based on myth alone.  But there is a set of equally infectious memes that drive Christianity, those that say the believer is the only one going to heaven.

The Christian meme that I’m saved and you’re not is just as deadly and addictive than Torah we are the chosen ones.  The Jew is superior because he is the chosen race while the Christian is saved and thus also superior.  The Christian doesn’t understand that if you’re saved and the other isn’t then killing the unsaved is just an extension of Jewish exclusivity.


The most deadly meme of all time is considered to be the greatest gift of all time.  Not one person would say that this idea of being saved by Jesus is the most deadly idea ever invented.  Prepare to be shocked to your very brainwashed core – the meme that god picked me is a deadly spell.  Christians are very smug in their Bible programming, they incorrectly think they are saved by being chosen, but they are under a spell, in an illusion because there’s no judging god or need to be saved or chosen by god.  That idea is a trick on the mind, a way for the priest to enlist you in his war.




This idea of chosenness is so deadly that we may not make it as a specie because it is the force driving the Apocalypse.  These precious Bible verses that establish salvation are the real underlying cause for the 55 million dead from the war policies of the United States Government.  These Bible verses allow the believer to feel completely safe while Uncle Sam bombs the hell out of so many places.  These verse allows the soldier to believe in his security with the god contract while committing the most unspeakable deeds like murder and rape of many indigenous people.


Are you ready?  Hold on to your fibrillator.  It is the salvation gift meme itself, that nothing you do or did or can do gets you to heaven, it by God’s grace alone.  The meme that I’m going to heaven because God saved me with a blood sacrifice on the cross is deadly spell and once the ego latches on unspeakable deeds can be performed with assurance by the believer because their belief guarantees heaven, not heir acts.

If nothing I do matters and only the belief in Jesus is the admission to heaven ticket, then the believer can wax hell on the world and be forgiven by belief.  Christian America has been waxing hell on the world since the end of World War 2, having killed some 55 million souls because this Jewish-Christian exclusivity is now national exceptionalism.  We have the right to bomb you because we are better.


The idea that God killed himself to save you is mightily appealing to human ego. Once you latch onto this idea with your mind (ego) you probably won’t let it go.  To any thinking person, such a barbarity ought to be out right laughable, God did what for who?  What in the Sam Hell are you talkin’ about?  God killed to fix a problem with how God thinks, why didn’t God just change his mind and quit judging us?  Dear reader, the story doesn’t make any logical sense but it has great appeal to the ego-mind.

You have to wrap your mind around what is really going on with religion.  No god killed himself on a cross for you, because such an idea is a mythological construct, not real.  As I say over and over, no god has to do this because there is no god judging you.  Without judgment, no Jesus sacrifice is necessary.  Without judgment, the entire Holy Bible is an EPIC FAIL.


If you read my many essays bashing the Holy Bible, you will know the most evil verse of all time is John 3:16, combine John 3:16 with John 3:17 you have unleashed the Kraken on the world.  So directly related to those two most evil memes of all time is the most deadly meme of all time, the gift of eternal life that has nothing to do with your actions.

Let’s take a look at this gawd awful meme that once planted in a human head, is nearly impossible to ever remove from the brain circuit:

Ephesians 2:8   (New Living Translation)
God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.

Why is this meme so deadly?  Because, like sugar, it is so addicting, it gets into your brain and won’t let go.  How could sugar be bad, how could God’s grace be bad?  God’s grace is good, going to heaven is good, how could that verse be so bad?  Because it is sugar coated bullshit.

Eph2:8 is a free pass for believers, doesn’t cost a cent, and no matter what you do, even the most heinous crimes for Zionist Occupied Amerika, you get a free pass through the pearly gates.  With this verse, you can do anything you want, like butcher Iraq, and god fearing Americans get into heaven.


Do you see how a subtle idea can be the most deadly idea?  God loves me so much that I get into heaven by faith alone.  I believe therefore I am saved. Nothing else matters, no matter what I do, I still get a free pass if I believe.  If I am a soldier killing woman and children based on my allegiance to authority, I get into heaven no matter what my acts.

Part of this belief memes is also being faithful to Israel, God’s pet nation.  No matter what Israel does, no amount of bad data about the vicious little Israel will ever change my mind, I will believe in Israel no matter what happens, no matter if Israel does 911 or nukes America, I stand with Israel forever.  Faith trumps all reality when it comes to Israel.


When faith trumps evidence, it trumps any and all data, when faith trumps reason look out!  No matter how evil the act the believing Christian is off the hook and guilt free.  Israel can butcher the entire Middle East and the faithful Christian will look away.  No matter how many innocent children are butchered by Israel the faithful Christian monster can look away without guilt.  The Holy Bible isn’t holy, it is not good, it is a death cult book, a training manual for terrorists.

The Bible is a problem, it is the cause of our demise.  Previous attempts to fix the Bible have been fails, the Protestants didn’t solve the problem, the Evangelical Protestants are the very ones aligned with Israel.  You can not fix this book, Martin Luther tried and he failed?  Why?  He believed in the book.  He corrected the memes because he assumed the Bible was true, it just needed a correct interpretation.  The Holy Bible can not be fixed because it is completely wrong with the memetic constructs of God vs. Man and how to get to heaven.  As many writers like Eckhart Tolle,inform us, heaven is a state of mind, not some place after death.


Chapter 62. Christians Exist in a Matrix of Jewish Lies


The Jews are a race of pathological liars, and proof is on the Jewtube every night.  What the Jew says about reality and what is real are two completely different animals, often polar opposites.  This phenomenon of Jews living within lies is critical to understand the nature of the Jews – they are not you and they do not think or behave like you.  They are a race of pathological liars because they have a frequency opposed to truth.

For instance the Jew says Muslims did 911.  That is patently untrue, there were no Muslims involved whatsoever in 911 and you should be able to figure that based on the fact that the towers came down by controlled demolitions.  Israel did 911 and the Jews in New York City covered it up – but no Jew and few Christians in the heartland will admit it.  Why?  The Jew lies and the Christian exists in a matrix of Jewish lies, this so-called Jewish simulacrum is the real matrix.

911 is a perfect example of how Jewish fantasy is exactly the opposite of actual reality and why it can be perpetuated.  The Jew says the worst terrorist event in history is caused by radical Muslims when in fact the real radicals on the planet are the Zionists – insane supremacist Jews achieving total global domination.  Anyone with a logical mind can now see these lies after the ISIS scam was busted, or the latest claim that Russia hacked the election.  Israel runs ISIS, Isis is Israel, it is an Israel proxy army and everything you heard about the United States fighting ISIS was a lie.  You should immediately suspect Israel as the culprit behind the hacking claim.


Because of the incessant lying nature of the Jews, they hate truth tellers or anyone that exposes their  false narrative.  But be sure to understand that the intense Jewish emotional hostility toward the truth is not because they know the lie vs the truth – not at all – the Jew actually believes his lies as truth!  There is a definite scientific reason for this, the Jew frequency is one over the truth frequency, the Jew inverts all truth and turns it into a lie because that is the only way the parasite can operate.

Some Jews and Christians may know the truth but they are not comfortable in the truth, the truth makes them nervous – most do not know the difference and don’t care only feeling comfortable in the power of the lie.  This includes the Holy Bible, what is considered to be “truth” about god is actually the original lies of the Jews that got their whole parasitic gig going in the first place.  The Bible is the primary camouflage of this biological parasite, they thrive by being hidden within the lies of the holy text.

false flag lesson

The false flag narrative is a modern version of how the parasite worms it way into power, in order to feed they need an excuse to swoop down on an unsuspecting victim, the false flag attack gives the Jewish predators the excuse to bomb what they covet.  Having stripped the wealth of America with the Federal Reserve, the Jew has turn his sights on overseas wealth, like all of the resources in the Middle East.

There is no end to this blood soaked frenzy of the Jew carrion feeders, they need an endless stream of suitable prey, usually defenseless brown skinned peoples in a third world nation.  Vietnam comes to mind.  They also feed on your retirement fund, pray tell what happened to the social securities set aside for your retirement – gone with the wind – gone funding the national debt incurred by Jew wars of conquest.  Social Security managed by Jews is bankrupt because the nation is bankrupt, according to Google:

The Social Security trust funds are invested entirely in U.S. Treasury securities. Like the Treasury bills, notes, and bonds purchased by private investors around the world, the Treasury securities that the trust funds hold are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.


Americans will soon learn the disaster of letting Jews manage their funds – the Jew is not interested in your health, Mr. Jew only connives and plots to steal everything he can, and then Chem Trail spray you so you die before reaching maturity.  There is great danger of learning the truth, for the Jew will kill you before he admits his state failures.  The Jew lies about everything and when caught he will become extremely violent just as you see now having lost the election to the disrupter.

The Jewish parasite vividly reminds me of the meal worms in the grain silo when I was a boy, whenever we needed fishing bait we’d go to the leftovers in wheat bin and scoop down a few inches to retrieve a generous handful of meal worms.  The Jew is just like the grain silage infestation, they are thriving just below the surface, not visible but they are there, and oh boy are they worms infesting the state and screwing things up.  We face a real life Darwinian survival crisis because of Mr. Jew.


The Gentiles have been completely fooled by the teachings of the Jewish written Holy Bible – this has resulted in the current evolutionary cul-de-sac for the non-Jews of the world.  Many gentle peoples now understand that the western world is being intentionally genocided by the Jewish controllers, but they are yet to come to grips with their beliefs in the Holy Bible as the words of god.   The Words of the Bible are the God of the Bible and the Jew wrote the words thus make the logical conclusion:






The Bible has become the Achilles Heel for Gentiles who are under the Jewish rule of law, they are unable to resist this Jewish predation because they believe the lies of the Jewish holy book.  For instance, nearly every Christian believes the central teaching that God chose Jews, as a result, Christians are unable to come to grips with the actual perpetrators of 911, Christian nations are being spent into ruin fighting Jewish wars of aggression.

The practical side of this is your retirement fund, can you trust Jews to manage the nation’s trust funds if they lied to you about God, Jesus, Federal Reserve, World War 2, Hitler, Vietnam, 911, Iraq, Sandy Hook, and Trump.  Can you?  The answer is hell no!  Thus, if we are to be sane and solvent we must remove Jews from state, ban them from voting, fix the wrongs they’ve inflicted on the world.  We must do this to survive.


Americans have been fighting Jewish wars of conquest since the Federal Reserve Act.  That is national suicide, America should be standing tall for liberty and freedom but she is being run into the ground because of Jewish control and the people won’t even talk about it!  Forget the Jew parasite for a moment, why aren’t we doing something about this incredible evil Jewish control of our formerly free nation, why haven’t we removed the Jew vampire from our throats?






the lies you live under are jewish lies

The situation is terminal, either the peoples wake up to Jewish operations against them or they will perish.  We are in a survival crisis, yet the problem, the Jews, are being willfully dismissed by the victims.  Why oh why wouldn’t people talk about who is attacking them?  I’ll tell you very definitely why, the western peoples are under the Bible spell and can not talk about the Jews and how they are running America and Europe into the ground because they believe the Jewish myth of chosenness.

It is patently absurd that a creator ‘god’ would chose the destroyer tribe as his personal reps, but that’s what the Jew book says and that’s what you believe!  Why didn’t god chose peaceful Buddhists as his reps?  Why?  I will tell you why but you can’t hear it.  God never chose anyone over another, the teaching that god chose Jews is a lie, a big fat Jew lie.  The Jews have no trouble telling this lie, for they are evil liars who tell whopper size lies as part of their strategy; but what puzzles me is why you believe anything they are associated with since they’re proven liars.


The only logical answer to this seemingly intractable problem is that the Bible appeals to ego, the Jews wrote a holy book that traps people in ego consciousness.  For instance, Christians love to believe the derivative lie of chosenness, they love the idea that they are saved.  The believe with all their hearts and soul that Jesus is going to save them from hell.  But what proof of hell is there?  None, absolutely not one iota factual piece of evidence tells us that there is an afterlife hell.  What proof is there that you need a Jewish savior to be with God?  None, none whatsoever.

Regardless of the facts, the Christian becomes ego offended if you don’t agree with their Nazarite savior belief.  The Christian is a Judaized Gentile who is also comfortable in the Jewish matrix of lies and few Christians will ever challenge the Genesis myth, or the 911 myth, let alone the Holocaust myth.  Jews and Christians are in the same boat navigating the same ocean of lies.  Christians defend Jews like a fur coat they are wearing to survive the blowing cold of an Ice Age.

How can you possibly be saved by Jesus when he’s a Jew?  We need salvation from the Jew, not by the Jew, you simply can not trust any Jew, not even Jesus!  Well, luckily there’s no judging god but unfortunately we are under the Jewish rule of the gun, and no one is allowed to even question the authority, the Jewish legal system, which the Bible authority established – which, by the way, Jesus endorsed.  We are totally damned because as a race of Homo Sapien Sapiens we bet the farm on Jesus and as it turns out he’s complete fiction.

The Jews control everything and they are a race of pathological liars unable to distinguish their self-created fictional realm from the reality of the natural world.  In other words a world run by Jews will be a disaster because of how they think and vibrate.  The Jew doesn’t like Nature or it’s frequency and thus insulates himself from the natural world and wages war against it.  The legal system of the Jew is one of the greatest perversions against Nature, you are not even allowed to build a home without a permit, nor can you operate a motor vehicle without a license.


What you must realize the Jew is insane and has always been insane.  We are being illogical to let these tribal loons run your government or handle your retirement trust money.  In the future, when thing get so bad and the Jew is routed out of state, be sure to make laws banning them from ever holding any office or government job.  Jews have borrowed all the money of Social Security to cover the out of control Federal debts, and under the Jewish inspired legal system of authority, it was all “legal” to do this.  What a laugh.  We are totally damned.

The Jewish lying didn’t just all of a sudden start in this century, it goes all the way back to Genesis when the Jew tells us God puts us out of the Garden of Eden for being guilty.  We believed this giant lie and now we are nearly dead, we have lost our vibrant holy spirit and trudge on day after day in the Rothschild run Jew hell system of debt and taxes.  We are all like Eve, we’ve all been framed by the Jewish holy text!  Now we are guilty of breathing, the Jew has demonized carbon dioxide, a life gas of this planet.


What is very evil about Christians is how they use prayer, to force everyone in compliance with Bible code.  Jewish control is evil, it destroys life. Humans must have freedom to fully express themselves, the Jew is busy exploiting the goy with legal restrictions.  In order to feed on you, the Jew must control you.  The Jew does everything to strip you of all your personal power, which is why the Jew regulates everything and created the Welfare State.  Now get this, the Christian victims pray to maintain the system!

The Bible recruits the believer in defending the book, Jews, and salvation doctrine.  Christians pray to convert others to their faith.  But what it is really going on the believer is possessed by the text and is working on behalf of Jewish power, cut off from their creativity, believers are the memetically possessed robots of a Jewish book.  Christians are Bible robots enforcing Jewish legal code and they think they are serving God when being obedient slaves, but they are really serving Jewish power.  Christianity is a death cult of Jewish power.


Take for instance the Jewish concept of state, the exclusive right of the state to use force is the cause of most death on the planet.  The American state, controlled by these Rothschild Zionist Jews, have killed 55 million since the end of World War 2.  You are the cattle for the Jew to exploit, and the Jew gets this power over you with your Biblical belief.  But the Goy continue on with the Jew wars because they believe, they kill and kill and kill in the name of the Jew god.  Rothschild laughs all the way to all the central banks he owns.  While you toil the Jew enjoys the spoils.







We must get free of Rothschild-Jew evil.  How do we do that?  Well first of all we should drone Rothschild and his underlings.  But in the meanwhile what can you do?  Get your mind out of Bible filth.  Stop fighting wars for Mr. Jew, stop paying taxes to the Jew state, stop complying with Jew law.  Stop with everything that empowers Jewry and to do this you must take your mind back from the black Jewish depravity of the Holy Bible!  Stop whoreshipping the Jew god and his phony bastard son!


The state is a manifestation of religious code, according to their books, god ordained the government amongst men, and that it is your duty to obey the state because god created it.  Thus, the Holy Bible is the ultimate conspiracy against the human race, it has distorted our view of reality and got us to believe in external authority and the state which is now a great killing monster.  But here we are, at the end of history, slavishly whoreshipping the gods of the Jew Bible.  Is that pathetic or what?

Because of the Bible, most of the west can not conceive of living outside of the state, thus most people are in the deadly deception of living under government control.  This has allowed the states to organize into megalithic structures now slaved to the Jewish World Order of death and destruction.  Vietnam was only one example of what a Jewish controlled state is capable of, the American people were unable to reign in the beast’s power and then went to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria.


The creative potential of world is slaved to insane governments and the Jewish World Order which is called the New World Order by those under the spell.  The result is that human potential is being used to destroy, human intention skewed to Holy Bible memes of dominance, war, and destruction.  Jews have captured much of the world with their book and the result is deadly.  Christians are spellbound by the memes in the Jew holy book and the result is catastrophic.  Fighting Jew wars is whoreshipping the beast.

How did the Jews get this tremendous power except by deception?  Men who wanted power created governmental organizations using religion to brainwashing the sheep into compliance.  The Jewish state, is a state of mind, the idea that some men can use force on others.  No greater example of the deprivation of the Jewish state (of mind) is Israel.  The omnipotent state, a mimic of Yahweh, cuts off creativity of those slaved to the welfare system and Israel is the world’s greatest welfare state, nearly every Jew is on the American dole.


Human creativity is being interfered with, humans are corralled in Jewish stock yards, unable to see that they are divine beings with huge creative potential.  Most of humanity uses their creative ability to build robots and drones, armaments for Jewish instigated wars.  Believers are enlisted in maintaining the Jewish power structures by dominating the rest of society.  We are trapped collecting welfare checks in Jew hell!

Christians are not good because they are helping Jewry – forcing the Bible down your throat – forcing you to accept Jewish rule.  Christians think they are doing good, but they are assisting in Jewish evil.  You must become aware of this and put a stop to Judeo-Christian evil.  Everything you know it wrong, Christians are Gentiles converted to the Jewish perversion, they are assisting the Jews in their own destruction!  How can a Christian protest the Welfare State when their hand holds the Jew book over their heart?  The Christian opposition to Communism is a sham, both memesets are the same damn Jew perversion!  What Christian really opposes Social Security?  Not a one.


Evil can only exist if you allow it to exist, if you stand down in front of Jewish evil thinking god will intervene, you are under the Bible delusion of omnipotent god.  Thus it is important for you to realize your own creative power and take on the Jew and save humanity from extinction.  The Jew and his frequency are the problem with the world.  We live in a matrix of Jewish lies and are completely unable to grasp what has happened to us.  The Jew fooled us, the Jew completely duped the world with his words, the Jew make believe world is our damnation.

It is important for humanity to graduate from Bible deceptions and come out of the Bible spell.  We are the ones doing the creating, and we need to learn respect for other persons intentions.  Bible belief must stop, no one should be under the thumb of religious zealots, no one should be forced to comply with the Jewish contrived state, whether Communist or Capitalist, because all states are based on the same Jewish lie of external authority.  We have to end Jewish parasitism and we can only do this by first ending belief systems contrived by Jews.


Chapter 63. Baptism is Ritual Jewish Evil



Baptism is a meme. What could be wrong with a simple water ritual?  How could such an innocent act of dunking your head and reading Bible verse be bad?  Shouldn’t we all read the Bible and get saved, preach it all across the land and unto the world?  How could Baptism be one of the most evil things you can do?  Baptism is not good or making a connection to god, it is an affirmation of the supremacist Jewish ego mindset that only some are chosen or saved.


What is really going on with Baptism?  You get immersed in the water and become a Jew, saved from the wrath of the angry Jew father God who condemned you for being born into this world.  It is ritual evil because of what it really means, you are saved and everyone else not baptized are going to hell.  You are condemning everyone else with this act.

Baptism is ritual defiance of the rest of humanity, it is Jewish exclusionism in its finest.  Baptism appeals to those in a fearful ego consciousness who a re willing to do anything to get right with god.  With the fear of hell as a whip, and heaven as the carrot, the fool Christian has been suckered into the baptism ritual – religious extremism at it’s finest.  Baptism should be outlawed along with all Jewish holy books.

I want you to see Baptism in a new light, an act of Gentiles becoming Jews, taking on the evil memes that separate them from humanity, and their own humanity.  We are not Jews, Jews are evil and we should not want to be like the Jew or try to be the real Jew, we should not read the Jew Bible or believe it’s memes or do ritual superstitious acts.  Baptism is not a good or neutral thing, it is actually induction into the Jewish terrorist cult.

Becoming a Jew is not a good thing.  Jews are not good, they are not chosen, they don’t have better souls than you or I.  It is obvious that if someone claims to be better than the rest then they are actually inferior to the rest because they are stuck in their own ego choseness.  Superior people serve others, they do not do religious rituals putting their egos on pedestals.

Separating yourself from the rest of humanity by claiming holy Jew status is why the world is at war.  These people claiming special status make war on those not chosen or not saved.  A Christian being baptized is a Gentile doing a ritual act becoming a Jew – bonding to the evil Jew God genome-memeset and everything that fiction stands for.


In other words when a Christian goes through a baptism they are in complete defiance against the rest of humanity.  You are saying in effect that you get eternal life while everyone else gets sent to hell, a place of eternal torment and torture. If you can see that such ritual acts lead to Zionist foreign policy, then you will see Baptism for what it is, a symbolic act of war on the rest of the world.  Baptism is pure Jewish evil.

I want you to see these Bible verses for what they really are – evil memes of supremacist Jews.  No gentle person should be converted to the hell religion of the Jew, no Christian should get Baptized, no person should view themselves as going to heaven separate from the rest of humanity.  No sane person should go unto the world and preach the hell of the God Spell of the Jew.


There’s no afterlife hell, but there are conditions created by many people believing the same thing.  If we believe in hell we create hell, not in the afterlife, but here on earth.  What is the terrorist state of Amerika but a possessed nation of baptized hellions? Americans can not see they been indoctrinated to think like Jews, even the atheists in America think like the Jew.

And look at what Amerika is doing to the rest of the world with the total approval of millions of believing Christians.  So far Judeo-Christian Amerika has killed 55 million people since the end of WW2.  Zionist Occupied Government can only happen when a sizeable part of the population is spell-bound by the evil Jew book.  Christian baptism is part of the brainwashing, doing a ritual act that makes you one with the Jew God, binding you to the Jewish power structure, making you a cog in ZOG.  Christians are literally Borg Jews of lesser status, saved but still not as holy as the Jew.  LOL



Chapter 64. Christians Are Possessed by the Unholy Jewish Spirit


Something is desperately wrong with the world.  One possibility are the beliefs of the people that occupy the planet.  Think about it, there has to be something fundamentally wrong with humans if they intentionally destroy the planet they live on.  So what is so wrong with our specie that we find ourselves in the middle of an Apocalypse, endless wars in the Middle East are approaching a nuclear conflagration?  The group’s spirit is malevolent and thus this spirit is leading to mass death.  What is this spirit?  It is the energy of the group, and the dominant group are the Jewish lead Christians, and this energy-spirit is called the Holy Spirit.  The Judeo-Christian spirit is malevolent just like the deity described in the holy book.

What is wrong with the world?  The Judeo-Christian Holy Spirit.  We are in a Holy Spirit driven Apocalypse.  The group thinks its holy but it is actually ‘demonic’, evil, and destructive.  The Holy Spirit is the malevolence of the group flowing into this realm, it’s physical manifestations are the wars in the Middle East.  The cause of all of this harm is from one god damn book, the Holy Bible.

The Holy Spirit is defined in the Bible as the energy of the Lord, the essence of Yahweh, the energy field of God that goes out and extends God’s will in the Matrix.  But if we examine this phenomenon more closely, God becomes the destroyer.  If the God of the Bible is malevolent then so are his followers.  The destructive power of the Holy Bible is how the book has inverted love on it’s head, it has defined love in conditional terms, thus the followers think they are acting in love as the extend the book’s reach with pure violence.

The Holy Spirit is defined as God’s essence or spirit.  But God of the Bible is a monster so his spirit is also monsterous.  What if God is only a meme of humans possessed by this Jewish hell book and that the Holy Spirit is actually the spirit of the group possessed by the memes?  Wouldn’t that explain why we live in a Holy Spirit driven Apocalypse?  Yes!  The Holy Spirit is the evil essence of the group, and it’s manifestation is the state, which is unchained and unleashing hell on earth.

Up till now, no person on this planet has ever actually properly defined the ‘Holy Spirit’, or identify its true nature.  I  have a definitive ideas about this religious phenomenon because I study it closely and deal with these wide-eyed Christian kids everyday.  So let us, for the first time, clear the cobwebs from our brain circuits and define this thing called the ‘Holy Spirit’  but is never clearly defined.





But before I do, let us examine what Christians (who are really Jewified Gentiles) claim about this spirit.  First of all, if you put the word ‘holy’ in front of spirit you are implying that there are spirits plural and that out of all the spirits one is holy, while the rest are not.  This ought to raise your eyebrow, because, once again the Jew-Christian cult is using exclusivity memes to say their product is better.

Christian-Jew cultists are saying their spirit is ‘holy’ while the other spirits are not, they are making a product claim, my brand is holy and yours is not.  Do you see the ruse they are playing?  Same game as saying ‘I’m chosen and you’re not’ or ‘God chose our tribe-race, not yours’, or ‘I’m saved because I believe in Jesus’, and implying that for you, the unsaved, are going to hell.  Exclusivity is the problem with these people, they’ve created a gated community in their mind and unleashing hell on all those outside of their fence.

Such nice people aren’t they, condemning everyone outside of themselves?  Christians are doing this even more than the Jew, they are saying this with the ritual of Baptism, getting purified with the Lord and for you, implying that you, by not getting baptized, are going straight to hell.  Baptism is not politically neutral act, it is an act of aggression against those that don’t believe like them.  Don’t be fooled by these passive-aggressive hell mongers, they are playing the trick of being gentle but underneath that smile is the worse form of condemnation.

The malevolent spirit of the Jew has been transferred to the Jewified Gentile by belief in the Holy Bible.  If that book didn’t exist, then no one could be infected by the exclusivity memes in the text, no one would think of themselves favored in the eyes of god, no one would project this collective ego on the world with endless warfare on those who are not save or not chosen.  Do you see that the Holy Bible is the source of hell on earth?  It is like Pandora’s Box, pouring out wrath into our realm.


So to be a Christian, one must be filled with the “holy spirit” as opposed to one’s own spirit.  That, by definition, is possession. Christians are possessed by an outside spirit, one that opposes life, one that gets them to fight the wars for the Jews, one that dupes them so bad that they don’t mind being slaves on Rothschild’s economic debt based money plantation.

These Christians seem hell-bent on getting filled with the spirit of their god, so what exactly is this spirit, what do they say it is?

1.  the spirit of God.
2.  the presence of God as part of a person’s religious experience.
3.  Holy Ghost.

So what do Christians claim about the Holy Spirit?

The Bible declares that the Holy Spirit is the power of God (2 Timothy 1:7 ), that it leads us into all truth (John 14:17, 26 ), that it enables us to discern spiritual things (1 Corinthians 2:11, 14 ), that it is our guarantee (“seal”) of eternal life in the resurrection (Ephesians 1:13-14 ), and that without it we are “not His” (Romans 8:9 , emphasis added). You need God’s Spirit to be a Christian!

But how do you acquire the Holy Spirit? How do you know if you are being led by it? What is the evidence of the Holy Spirit working in someone’s life?

And is the Holy Spirit a person—the third person of a trinitarian Godhead? (Hint: The early Church did not teach that the Holy Spirit is a person. It took hundreds of years for this doctrine to develop!)

As we search the Bible, we will find that the Holy Spirit is the nature, power and essence of God. It is also a gift that God can impart to a human mind to promote and inspire spiritual growth in that individual and enable that person to become a member of the family of God.

Since we know, for a fact, that the Bible is not true, then those definitions about the Holy Spirit are not real things, only memes or thoughts in human psyche.  There is no proof of God or his Holy Spirit.  Think about that a moment and then try to wrap your mind around what these lunatics are actually doing with their beliefs!  God is the outpicturing of the group’s ego, his spirit is really the spirit of the group that is projected into this realm.

Just like ‘God’, the Holy Spirit exists in two places, as a meme in books and as a thought in your brain.  There is no reality outside of those places – the Holy Spirit is not out there, it can not be out there because it is only a delusion of lunatics.  Think of it this way, if someone told you that they were filled with the Easter Bunny Spirit, what would you conclude about the reality of their belief?  Since you know the Easter Bunny is not real, you would conclude they are cuckoo for Coco Puffs.


But the Christian is obviously possessed, so what are they possessed by?  The memes, and those memes are defined by the group.  The Holy Spirit is the energy expressed by acting on those memes.   The Holy Spirit can only be one thing, the collective group energy of those possessed by the memes of the group.  The Holy Spirit is not real, but the energy of the group is real.  Since all our minds are connected that energy can come upon you and make you believe.

So Holy Spirit possession can only be one thing, the energetic possession of like minded cultists who also believe the memes of the Holy Bible.  Christians are possessed by Bible memes, and since the Bible is about getting to the afterlife, they are possessed by ideas that deny death.  Christians are a death cult filled with the spirit of denial of reality.  This is the reason why they completely ignore the suffering they are causing by their support of Israhell.


So now we have a rational reason why Christians ignore the real world as they focus on the next life.  Nothing matters to them anymore, they are in complete denial of their own fates.  They have caved to fear, and are trying to get to the next life, and as a result have fake personalities caused by this denial.  Christians are fake happy people, just the same as people on SSRI’s.

As Palestine is slaughtered, Christians turn their heads and focus on the next life, unconcerned by the suffering they are causing in this life with their support of Israel.  Never can they admit that their beliefs are casual to the suffering in the Middle East.  While they ignore the political effects of their belief system, they act like they are loving persons of Christ.  Dealing with them is surreal, these people are not grounded in reality, they are possessed cult members existing in an alternative fantasy realm.


Christians are taught to hate this world, and by pretending to be in the love of Christ, they indeed are hating this world as they desperately climb the stairway to heaven in a trance like state.  They claim to have found peace and happiness but what they have really done is put their minds into a suspended animation, a trance like state of Bible meme possession.

No one should ever want to be possessed by any spirit save their own.  Each person is an individual with an individual spirit.  What is the point of collectivisim and Jewish/Christian Borg?  What is the point in being possessed by the group energy?  What is wrong with being the individual you, a free person expressing their own divinity?  War.  Christian death cultists are easily  maneuvered into war by clever politicians who define war in terms of a spiritual struggle.


Christianity is just more Jewish Bolshevism, Jewish collectivism for Gentiles.  Being possessed by the collective Holy Spirit also means not being able to think individually and thus easily manipulated by murdering clowns like Billy Graham and the Bush presidents who unleashed hell in Iraq.  The collective goes to war and it is the American Christian going to war for the Jew based on lies and the 9112001 Israeli False Flag.

Chapter 65. The Jewish Black Magic Spell Called Christianity



Most Christians think they are a separate specie from Jew.  They are the same damn thing.  Oh, Christians will tell you they are totally different and believe in different things, but if you carefully analyze what they both believe, you’ll see their cultural views nearly the same.  Why?  Because Christianity is Judaism for Gentiles, it is the indoctrination into Jewish thinking memesets, both believe they are chosen or saved, which is a deadliest of memes because it allows the spelled to kill without guilt.


Both Christian and Jew believe in the same basic books.  Both worship the same God Yahweh – because Jesus and the father are one.  Both are playing the same game of I”m chosen and special.  Both affirm God’s authority and the law, the supremacy of Jewish thinking.  Murder may be prohibited by the Ten Commandments for the individual, but the state can murder by the tens of millions without a Jew or Christian being bothered the least.

All of us in the western nations live under the gun of Rabbinic Law – even though the courts are secularized – it is still a god spell that allows their existence.  The courts are a Jewish spell, because the fact is no one has one bit of authority over another.  Authority is the scam of the priest, the all powerful god is externalized and his authority is transferred to the state.


For instance, if you are a true freedom lover, a person of high-caliber and raised consciousness, the idea that some other human being having authority over you is a bad joke, a deadly religious meme persisting into the modern age.  The metaphysical fact is that no person has any authority over any other, we all know and only play along because the cop (armed agent of the court) is willing to kill you if you don’t comply.

Christians support the police, the courts, the higher authority because they believe in god.  Christians support the cops even when they murder us for no reason.  Christians support the evil wars for Israel because the Zionist authority has authored them.  There is no amount of evil a Christian will not tolerate so long as the authority does it in the name of god.


How is it that anyone still looks up to the cops as peace officers, when they are a standing army of Zion, many of them trained in Israel to treat us like the enemy.  Judaized cops are destroying our civilization, they encourage snitching – which is one of the most destructive law enforcement policies ever implemented, one that destroys personal integrity, one that destroys relationships and bonds between humans.

We live in a Judeo-Christian nightmare, where the vast majority of Americans are Jewified Gentiles, people converted to Judaic thinking, people who have adopted Jewish values. Both believe in authority because of some vague Bible notion that the Jew God established authority.  It’s bullshit.  No God is putting us in shackles – it is the Rabbinic class caging us with their legal jargon.


So is a Christian really a separate animal than Jews, are they not part of the same group with minor differences in theological beliefs?  Yes, both affirm the Torah, both affirm the law, both affirm the courts and cops, both affirm external authority being placed on free range humans.

Christians will tell you that they believe in the Messiah, but this guy is a Jew who affirms the Torah, and he ain’t real.  So what’s the real diff?  The Christian must believe in the Jew Bible as the word of God, thus the Christian is believing in the Jewish construct of reality just like the Jew.  If you don’t believe in Yahweh, and his judgment, then what purpose is there to salvation?  None!  With the Jew prick in the sky out to get you then Jesus is meaningless.

Christians will tell you the big difference between them and Jew is their belief in Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.  But this belief is exactly the same game of the Jew, believing in the separateness from everyone else.  Christians are playing the exclusivity card the same as the Jew.  The Christian is a Gentile converted  to Judaism, a waterdowned Jew.


Christians are under the delusional spell of the Holy Bible.  Jesus didn’t fulfill prophecy because he didn’t even exist, but the writers of the New Testament wrote that he did, to convince you he was real.  Jesus fulfilled prophecy in text only, because he is a fictional character in a fictional story meant to enslave subjects of the Roman Empire.

So why does Yahweh persist and not the other fictitious gods? They all are both obviously fake so how is it the Yahweh persists yet all the pantheon of gods fallen away?  One possible reason is the Jews made their God without form or specified loci.  Mars was discovered as a planet, yet the whereabouts of Yahweh’s heaven are still undisclosed.  Thus Yahweh’s fake house hasn’t been disproven – yet.


With the rapid acceleration of human consciousness in the last 5,000 years, humans graduated from any god made into a statue, obviously Zeus is an imagined god and you don’t bow going to a Temple of Athena.  You know they are not real, how can you adore a stone unless you are severely god spelled like modern Hare Krishnas who pray to ceramic Krishna dolls.

But with Hey Zeus, i.e. Jesus, 80% of Americans still believe in their savior god as if this guy is real, when in fact he never existed being a 100% fictional character in a readopted sun god mythos with a clever Greco-Jew name of Jesus (the Jew Zeus). Just that fact alone should get you to throw in the towel.


How do you know for absolutely sure that JESUS IS NOT REAL?  Easy!  He affirmed Torah Law.  No God would do that, no person or entity in high consciousness would ever affirm the petty legal diatribes of the Jew as of God.

The Torah text has tons of “laws”, where the Rabbinic priest enforces his rules, some even unto death, for the slightest infraction.  Sound like rules of God or laws of evil rotten control freaks?  The Bible is full of ‘commandments’ which we are supposed to follow like robots.  Do these commands sound like they are of a creator god who bestowed you with free will?

The Jews lucked out, they made their god invisible in a vague location (not on Mount Olympus, not in the sun or planet or star).  By overcoming the myth and coming out of the Jew spell you’ll see the evil Jewish control consuming the world.  Christians foolishly believe that Jesus is coming in this generation, but he won’t because no god ever intercedes into this world.

Yahweh persists because Christianity is a black magic spell on the human mind, and this spell is black because it is creating hell in this world.  Even though the situation is dire and the human specie threatened with extinction, we also live in a time of rapidly accelerating information, we are becoming aware of memes and superstition, we are going to overcome the spell or perish.


Chapter 66. Christians are Spellbound by the Bible Memes


How can we be so dumb to be caught in the Jesus myth for nearly 2,000 years?  I don’t know but I suspect that the Jesus myth is a magic spell because there’s no other explanation.  I don’t believe in Jesus but if I met him I’m sure he’d end up being a good friend, how can anyone not like a guy that loves you so much that he’d give his life for you?  Well, I’m like most people, I’ve always liked the Jesus character even though as I matured I eventually realized that no such man could of existed.

With years of experiential evidence I realized that no man is perfect, that life is a process and perfection impossible, not even if god came here.  You might spend a life trying to perfect yourself, but life will never let you actually get there.  Life is a process of perfection, not perfection itself.  Likewise, God is a thoughtform that is being perfected over the ages, god was never perfect, we have never imagined the perfect god as of yet, and can never do so because life, and our imagination, is a process of manifestation.  God has changed over time, and will continue to do so just like you.

Just when you think you found the perfect car – someone will invent a better one.  Just when you thought you knew Jesus the Jewish controlled empire brought the hammer down on the Muslims, so you had to re-imagine Jesus in the new light of daily bombing raids.  Jesus became a robust promoter of Republican adventurism, he got a facelift and many people responded to the times by switching their pet dog to a Pit Bull.  Jesus god changed just as you have changed.

Jesus is the most important fictional character that we’ve collectively agreed to emulate for the last two millenia.  Jesus is a template for the perfect man, at least what we’ve imagined to be the perfect man, but we must graduate from our myth meme spells and quit believing in the salvation spell as literal.  No one is getting judged in the afterlife, the only judgment you’ll ever see is from yourself, your fellow men, or from a Jewish derived court.  No god will ever judge you, only men judge one another, not the gods.

If you are judgmental then so is god.  Why?  Because it is your mind and ego inventing the god.  God is your ego projected into hyperspace, god is the collective ego of society.  Yahweh is the collective ego of the Jewish tribe, and since we’ve matured as a culture, we no longer follow the laws of that god because to do so is barbaric, we no longer stone people to death for adultery.  In fact the Jews control the Hollywood porn industry, they promote the exact opposite of what their holy book says, Tel Aviv is now the gay capital of the world.

So as we mature our thinking, as the times change so does our imagination of god.  God became Joseph Smith, or black, or Hispanic.  God became macho or Republican.  God is whatever we say he is, we may even switch him to her.  Maybe we will become sick of the he-man god as we choke on nuclear radiation and then switch to a female deity.  The motto of the goddess is do no harm, something we need to learn as a culture.  I say we should worship women, because god doesn’t hold a candle to the female form or feminine energy.

The entire Apocalyptic script is revolving around the Jesus meme, the main tenet is that Jesus is coming back during the destruction sequence.  The wars of dominance are an ongoing crisis because of the belief system we’ve decided to act out, we must save souls at all costs, even if it means destroying all those who resist our Jewish god supremacy. We are exceptional, we are saved, we are better because our holy book informs us that those that believe go to heaven while all others go straight to hell.

It doesn’t matter what we do since god is coming back to save us no matter how evil we become while saving souls.  But deep down inside we also know that god is never coming back no matter how much we imagine otherwise.  We are in a state of schizophrenic ecstasy over our god belief, we get to do the joy of killing and be in existential doubt about the strength of our belief at the same time.  We know we shouldn’t kill but do it anyways.

God doesn’t care what we do, we are gods in amnesia not owning our creative potential.  We create our reality even when we believe the gods are doing it.  We also create our gods and proof is how we’ve created thousands of gods and no longer believe in hardly any of them.  Christians scoff at Zeus but fervently believe in ‘hey zeus’ or Jesus.  The name of Jesus is derived from the author’s name Josephus.  Jesus is an anagram of Josephus, the author cleverly encoded his own name into the character he developed, the perfect man for Jews to emulate.

Josephus autobiography:

“And when I was about sixteen years old, I had a mind to make trim of the several sects that were among us. These sects are three: – The first is that of the Pharisees, the second that Sadducees, and the third that of the Essens, as we have frequently told you; for I thought that by this means I might choose the best, if I were once acquainted with them all; so I contented myself with hard fare, and underwent great difficulties, and went through them all.”

The boy Jesus in the Temple:

Luke 2:41-47

[41] Every year his parents went to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. [42] When he was twelve years old, they went up to the Feast, according to the custom. [43] After the Feast was over, while his parents were returning home, the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, but they were unaware of it. [44] Thinking he was in their company, they traveled on for a day. Then they began looking for him among their relatives and friends. [45] When they did not find him, they went back to Jerusalem to look for him. [46] After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. [47] Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers.

Where did the Jews get the template for Abraham?  Christ?  Why are Hindu gods appearing in Semitic literature?  Someone is plagiarizing Hindu theology and calling it their own.  Who is inverting the teachings of the Sanatan Dharma, who is demonizing Hindu theology for political purpose?

Why is any of this important?  Because the entire apocalyptic script is revolving around Jesus, Jesus is coming back during the end times, Jesus is the center of the memetic spell that we are destroying ourselves and the Middle East.  Without Jesus, America would not be possessed by the memes of salvation, redemption, and judgment.  Without Jesus, America would not be possessed by the Holy Bible, the Jews would not be in control, and the United States would not be bombing the hell out of the Middle East.

Jesus is the center of the wheel hub about which all of prophecy rotates.  Jesus is the reason we beat the fear of death and kill others in order to get to heaven.  Without Jesus we would be lost, without Jesus the entire Western civilization might come crashing down, Jesus is the cornerstone of the empire.  With Jesus the Jews rule unopposed by the Gentile world which is totally caught in the spell, like fish who’ve swallowed the bait hook, line, and sinker.

Revelation is not prophecy so much as it is collective programming, what we believe we act out. No god is coming back to save us, no god has ever incarnated to fix the follies of mankind even though religious literature is full of such stories. It’s time to overcome the Gospel god spell.  The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are spells on the human mind.  Unfortunately for most people, those words of the Gospels are taken literal, they do not realize that believing in the Gospels is a spell on the mind.

No Jesus ever existed, no writer named John ever existed, they are fictional by the real writers who we’ve been informed are the patriarchs of the Roman state.  Caesar was John, Josephus was Jesus.  It’s a clever ruse of Rome to convert the Messianic Jews to a religion favorable to the empire.  Christianity is what evolved out of that effort, unfortunately the Jews never converted, but the Gentiles did.  Christianity is the most successful religion of all time, it grew and grew and took over the entire Western world.

As a result, the Jews were able to then take over because Christians are unable to perceive the Jews as a threat.  All of the West is now in hock to the Jewish bankers, all of the West lives under the yoke of Jewish military domination, nearly all the media is controlled by Jews who endlessly propagandize the Terror War that they themselves are running.  When are you going to figure out the Jesus is the number one deception of the Zionist Jews who have completely hoodwinked the Goyim to do their bidding?

Jesus ain’t real and even if you believe with all your heart and soul in the redemptive power of the Jewish savior he just ain’t the real deal.  I am the real deal, you are the real deal, but Jesus is just like the fictional character I’ve created as my avatar Yukon Jack – is a fictional character of some mysterious writer on the rebel website.  Josephus did the same thing, he created a fictional character of of the perfect Jewish man for Jews to emulate and not be a problem of the Roman empire.

Jesus is the problem with the gentil peons slavishly enslaved to the Jewish myth, and Jesus will only be your savior if you are in a low fear ego vibration and unable to self realize that no judging god exists, no hell or devil awaits you in some fictional afterlife.  God doesn’t judge you now or later, you don’t need to be saved by the Jew but from the Jew. 

Much of the western world remains spellbound by the Gospel memes, Josephus wrote the myth the converted the entire Roman empire to Christianity, and now the Jews have taken control and are destroying the world.  Jesus is the problem, not the solution.