Chapter 69. The Jesus Caused Apocalypse


Jesus is causing the Apocalypse!  Say it isn’t so!  Yes, Virginia, Jesus the son of god and savior to the world is causing our doom!  Jesus is not a real person, he never existed, but the belief in Jesus has created a massive alignment of Christians with Jews.  Zionist Christians are politically aligned with Israel and hell is being unleashed on the Middle East.

The only reason anyone puts up with this intense extremist behavior of Israel is because the Jews have a holy book that so many believe as the words of God.  The god meme allows the Jews to destroy like demons out of hell all the while the adoring believers look up to Jews and Israel.  If what was going on wasn’t so damn evil it would be funny, Bible believers have a filter over their consciousness that disallows seeing the Jews as the destroyers.

The Holy Bible is not holy, it is not the word of God, it is not correct, it can not be taken literal, it does not make the world good (witness how Evangelicals assisted the Jews in the destruction of the Middle East).  The Holy Bible is a supreme piece of Jewish propaganda literature, if you believe it literal you have committed intellectual suicide, if you take it into your heart you have damned yourself to Jew created hell.

The New World Order is really a Jewish World Order and Christianity has a central role in the brainwashing and control of the sheep.  The insane alignment of Christians with Jews could never happen if people were conscious of their actions.  The evil politicians, controlled by the London Jewish bankers, could never pull off this coup if people were not under a holy book spell.  But most people are not conscious of what they are doing, they are under a strong black magic spell.

The Jesus-Sun-God myth is the most deadly delusion of all time, worse than Global Warming or the Holocaust, worse than the Federal Reserve or Democracy, the Jesus myth is the most deadly memetic delusion because it supports Jewry and their drive for total despotism.  This obsession with the afterlife and the second coming of Christ is evil because of what it is doing to us on this planet.

What the Jesus myth does to a large part of Christian world is make them sterile toward political activism, unable to deal with the real politic of a Jewish controlled government.  They are incapable of rising to the defense of the nation and take part in their own destruction believing everything will be made right when their savior returns.

The Jewish World Order rests on the shoulders of millions of mistaken believers who have read and believed Jewish holy text in the Bible. The belief is not real but the consequences of the belief are deadly.  We need to become rational about Jewish holy text and see it as a deadly illusion of the myth writers.  The power of myth is really a deadly spell that possesses millions of human minds.

The problem with the Christian memeset is that it is unbelievable, if you believe in talking snakes or man-god walking on water, raising the dead (including himself) when you know that is not possible, you put your mind in a sleep like spell bound state.  You can not take this book literal, no one ever raised themselves from the dead, no one is ever born a virgin and you damn well know it!

If you want to be a cultural Christian, having so-called Christian values but not take the holy script literal then you should examine what it is to be human.  What does Christianity have to do with be being a normal gentle human being?  Absolutely nothing!  Your humane value set has nothing to do with the Jewish written book, in fact incorporating Hebrew values into your own only pollutes who you really are.

Nobody can die for you in order to save your soul because your soul was never threatened.  Salvation doctrine is a huge delusion of humans stuck in ego, Jesus death on the cross and his blood sacrifice for you might be mightily appealing to masses but it is a false assertion based on appeal to ego.  Do you really believe god came here and hung himself on a cross for you?

Do you really believe that god came here and died for your sins?  Why couldn’t god just forgive you without some dramatic bloody self sacrifice?  Is god an attention whore who needs to come here and demonstrate some aspect of itself?  Come on people, Jesus dying for you is bad myth.   No one needs to die for you because you are not threatened like the holy book claims.

The Holy Bible was written by men in ego consciousness, as the book progressed it slowly started showing signs of love consciousness, God of the Old Testament morphed into the God of the New Testament, love was edging out ego.  If God is Ego then God is something you must overcome, when God becomes love, it is something you embrace.  God morphed in the Bible, from the bad god of the Old Testament to a better god in the new.

There can be no Jesus without the Old Testament story.  The old text establishes the new text, without the stories of god and separation in the old text there would be no reason for the salvation of the new text.  The problem is the Old Testament construct of god is dead wrong, thus everything that follows in the New Testament is also wrong.  No god was ever going to judge you, no one ever needed a blood sacrifice to get into heaven.

No one can die for your sins, you define yourself by your thoughts, words, and actions, that is who you are and no one has the right to judge you for it, not in this life or the next.  But judgmental fearful humans can not accept the idea of free will or free thought so they join the club and impose judgment on everyone.  The myth of afterlife judgment establishes the basis for the Jewish courts in this life.  The repressive judicial system is based on the repressive ideas in the Holy Bible.

Be very clear about this, Christianity is built on a pile of theist lies.  There never was a first man, there never was a fall from grace or the first ‘original’ sin, there was never this judgmental deity.  You have to understand that there is no such thing as sin that can separate you from divinity because god is in you, not and external phenomenon.  The entire construct written by the Jewish priests is completely off and thus no one ever needed to be saved from the wrath of the father god.


What Christianity is, is just more Jewish separation from the whole of humanity.  The Christian, like the Jew, believes they have ‘special’ status with god.  In the case of the Jew, the tribe members are brainwashed into believing that they were chosen, with Christians, they believe that they are saved and get eternal life.  None of it is true, it is a widespread memetic virus mind delusion that creates artificial separation between the believers and the rest of humanity.

So this idea that the Jew can save you is a bad joke and the major cause of insanity for much of the entire Western world that is possessed by the idea of a Jewish savior.  If you believe in Jesus then you must believe the Jewish holy text which names the Jews as the chosen ones and all the rest, that Jews are separate from the rest of humanity.  Thus believing in the Jew Zeus only keeps you confused as to the true nature of the monotheistic Jews and supporting the destroyers and their doctrine of exclusionism.

The Danger of Monotheism

“Monotheism is one of the most dangerous ideology humanity has ever faced.

Monotheism is even more dangerous than fascism, nazism, and apartheid because it looks benign in the surface and most people even don’t realize how it deeply affects the way they think and the way they behave in their daily life.

First, monotheist societies are the most violent, and they are the ones that have committed the most crimes and genocides during the last 2000 years in the name of God.

The biggest danger in the monotheist conception of the world is that there is a unique God, and one single Truth that is universal and exclusive of any other forms of beliefs.”

You do not need salvation by the Jewish savior.  There is no judging god, no hell, no devil and your soul is not threatened.  No one needs Jesus to get into heaven, that is only the very fascistic monotheistic claim of those that want power.  Jews want power, they want to own you and they are doing that with their rewritten sun god savior myth.


No one needs salvation by the Jew but salvation from the Jew.  The salvation myth keeps people from owning their actions, and in fundamentalist Christian sects the doctrine is taught that acts don’t matter, only belief.  According to every Evangelical Christian on this planet, nothing you can do matters, you can not get into heaven with any act.  So how that translates politically is that an entire nation of believing Christians ignores their acts of destruction and stays in a spellbound state of belief.

Owning Your Actions: Individual Responsibility vs. Religion

“If Jesus is a literary invention, how can he save you from your own acts? Doesn’t it make sense that the Universe is set up so that you own your acts? In fact, is it even possible that anything could separate yourself from your acts? Are not your acts a fundamental part of the self? Aren’t you defining yourself with your acts? The fundamental idea behind Christianity of salvation now in this life or in the next is patently false. Just because it sells doesn’t make it true.

Only a Jew would be so bold to sell you the idea that you are not responsible for what you are doing. But they did and it was a successful ruse, because most people are irresponsible. Not owning up to one’s behavior is a fundamental aspect of Jewishness and this Jewishness has crossed over into Christianity. The fundamental theme of Christianity is the absolution of sin and getting a free ticket to heaven regardless of what you do. Evangelicals believe that you could murder a billion people and go to heaven so long as you profess Jesus Christ.”

The Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible is a deadly deception.  What the wide eyed spellbound Evangelical believer can not see is that his faith is the cause of our destruction.  Believing in Jesus without reservation or doubt is the force driving the Apocalypse.  No matter how much destruction the Jews reign down upon earth will sway the true Christian literalist believer who views this destruction as a celebration and validation of his faith.  The only reason Israel gets away with anything is because of American Christian Evangelical solidarity.


These irrational Christians aligned with Israel have destroyed several whole nation states in the Middle East like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.  They have ruined the lives of tens of millions of people’s.  None of this destruction and carnage would have been possible with this Christian support for Israel.  The United States would not be implementing Israeli political goals or bombing those countries without these irrational Biblical beliefs.

This Jewish culture is good at killing, all the pious theology is complete and total metaphysical bullshit, the Judeo-Christian culture is a killing machine.  America kills and kills and kills, the indoctrinated sheep obey and go into war after war after war.  The result is endless suffering and poverty during an age of technological improvement.  Hebrew infected Amerika is a catastrophic failure.

The way they are able to do this is by subversion from within, using myth as a weapon, using Christian belief system to further Jewish power.  Judaism is Satanism, the inversion of truth, using holy literature to invert meaning, turning truth on it’s head.  Christians are taught to stand down and allow the “Lord” to rule, but who really is this lord but Jewish money power?

The real Satan is the Jewish tribe practicing Judaism and the political outgrowth, Zionism.  We see the evil unfold everyday with the endless destruction of Middle East and the millions dying as Israel takes more territory.  Religious Jews are Satanists, and Christians can’t see it nor admit it.  No savior is coming back to save anyone, Christianity is a form of cultural insanity and it needs to be challenged and outlawed along with the Satanic parent religion Judaism.



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